Saturday, June 24, 2006

Meet Amber!

Most recent picture of Amber Declan, taken on 19th May 2006 at the Al Ain Palace Hotel swimming pool.

Amber Declan - a new thread/blog

My daughter, Amber Declan, is quickly growing up and I have to catch my breath sometimes and just hold still for a few moments to wonder and ponder at how quickly she is growing, changing, developing into this person that she is trying to become.

From birth to present - she is 3 years old - she has been a joy and a marvel. A truly positive force in my life. She was a happy baby, not very fussy, only when she felt tired would she cry. She seems to be fighting off sleep, impatient to learn about her world, not wanting to miss anything.

So I'm creating a separate blog thread just for her. To recall her infancy, which was just a few years ago, and to give an account of how she is growing up. To share with family members and friends and parents who like me, just feel so blessed to be able to have a child.

Finally, this is also for my daughter - so she never forgets her past and where she came from.