Monday, July 02, 2007

Cueshe's "Walang Yaman"

My family has been watching GMA Pinoy TV's Asian Treasures for a while now and we really enjoy this particular program. My 4 year old daughter also likes the show. Recently, my husband was able to get a copy of the show's theme song, "Walang Yaman" by Cueshe (pronounced Cue-shay), the band who sang it and I've been listening to the same song in the car while driving around Al Ain.

There's this part in the lyrics where the band inked: "Di man ako tulad nila, Walang porma, walang pera"

My daughter listening at the back of the car suddenly exclaimed, "Ay kawawa naman pala yan sha mommy!" (Oh he's quite pitiful mom!)

I couldn't help but laugh because she was so innocent thinking that the singer indeed is poor and destitute.