Wednesday, December 22, 2010

China: The Sleeping Giant

Growing up with a precocious little munchkin can be both a joy and a challenge. One has to prepare for all those 'whys' and a seemingly unending stream of questions. But at times it can bring big laughs especially if your little one is developing a wicked sense of homour like mine.

The many anecdotes I've gathered about my daughter, I have called Amberisms and have posted some on Facebook. I've been bad at updating my Blog so here is an attempt to rectify that. One of the earliest 'Ambersisms' is about China and since I've done it the text-way in Facebook, I'll try to do it ala cartoon here in my blog.

So one day, my then seven year old (she's eight now!) was having breakfast and I had prepared hotdogs, scrambled eggs and toast. She was gobbling all these up at such speed that I asked her, "Where did all those food go?"

She promptly replied, "China." And that was that. I shrugged and let it rest.

After a few minutes, I was sitting idly reading a book and she came up to me, smiling and said, "Mom, meet China." And this while she proudly points at her stomach. I had to agree, it is aptly named for my little one's version of China is indeed a sleeping giant!