Sunday, March 30, 2008

Amber: The Graduate

27th March 2008 marked Amber's graduation from Kindergarten. The end of her pre-school days and the beginning of her grade school years. She begins the bridge course for grade 1 this 6th April.

We're all excited and arrived at Al Ain Juniors' School at 5 minutes before 5:00 pm, Amber went to her classroom and we parents had to sunbathe for a while. Oliver actually managed to sleep! It was hot and everyone was sweaty but quite patient on this special day, parents all sat down and chatted, cameras and videos ready.

My Supervisor, Mark Suares is the school's guest speaker. Talk about Al Ain being such a small world.

Being the stage mom that I am, I managed to wheedle my way into the very front of the stage. Amber saw me and pointed me to her classmates.

Capturing that perfect Kodak moment was a total failure...sorry Amber...where are the professional photographers when you need one?!

OK now it's time for her speech!

Taymur spoke something and Amber replied, "Thanks Taymur, that's wonderful!"

Jehan said something and Amber replied, "That's right Jehan, good answer!"

Mrs. Hemalatha spoke a few words, telling her pupils that she will miss them all too.

No stage fright! Speech went well, didn't forget her lines....a future in showbusiness or politics?

Some picture-taking just after they went off the stage.

At home, the happy graduate showed off her make-up which one of the teachers put on her while waiting for their turn.
Congratulations Amber! Her overall grade is A+, she is at the top of her class and won 2nd place in Story-Telling Competition. Final Exam papers, official graduate photo, graduation certificate and special awards will be posted on this blog soon.