Thursday, January 31, 2008

Amber the Artist

Watercolor Expressions by Amber Declan

She's now 5 and still loves painting or doodling with crayons or oil pastels. Amber has also learned to write love notes to family and friends. Here's her very first exhibit. They are all water colour paintings on A4 paper and she has actually named each one. Enjoy!
This first one she named, "Man jumping" There does seem to be an image of a man in black.

This one is simply, "Blue skies" (parang song ng Hale)

This one she calls, "Earth and Sky".

This one, she cannot make up her mind whether to call it, "Pusit" (and laughs out loud!) or "Soy Sauce". I didn't make this up, the child has a quirky sense of humour (thank God!).
This one we named together, I called it "Straight Lines" but she said, no, "B lines" and painted a yellowish B on the paper while correting me that not all the lines are straight. (Oo nga naman!)

This one is called, "The Farmer"

Finally, this one was made especially for her dad who got sick with the flu. It is meant to be a 'get-well' painting with flowers she first drew in pencil and water-coloured. There's a Get Wel (missing one L) message at the bottom of the page.

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Meet Amber (4 years old - March 2007)