Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Reminders For Amber #38 - Be Open to New Ideas

Many times in our life we get hit by curveballs that may not make sense to us at that particular time but would eventually get clearer as time progresses. Even if you have firm beliefs in things, try and be open to new things as well.

Like when I ask you to try a new dish, learn a new song (well, ok they are mostly old but they never grow old!), even learn a new language, I’m asking you to give it a try. Yes, be open to the possibilities. The operative words is to be open.

Have an open mind to welcome new thoughts, different ideas, or strange theories. Progress and growth never came out of staying in one place or being closed off from the world. Neither could there be any higher understanding if we just stick to what we believe.

When I say find your own truths, I also mean for you to shatter them, test them against new ones and see if they still hold. Then your faith would be stronger and you would be more certain. By being open to anything can you actually become anything and everything you so desire.

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